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Welcome to the wonderful world of wedding flowers, the most creative and fun part of planning your wedding! Flowers and greenery transform venue spaces, and set the overall look, feel, and theme of a wedding, so finding a florist who is skilled and can share and execute your vision is important! Getting lost, spending countless hours scrolling Pinterest and Instagram, discovering endless arrays and examples of floral eye-candy, is fantastic and fun, and will undoubtedly lead you to questions that need to be answered. Here is your official guide to finding the perfect local florist for your wedding!

A lot of exciting new changes have occurred in the floral industry in the last few years that have resulted in countless new blooms being available to brides and grooms! There are more options available than ever before and the results can be overwhelming for those searching through the internet. This is why finding the perfect florist fit for your big day is so important!

1. Before You Find a Florist

Choose a wedding theme and budget. The purpose of wedding flowers is to compliment and add special meaning to your wedding. Therefore, before walking into a wedding flower consultation with your florist, it is very helpful to know what overall look, feel, and theme you want your wedding to have. This includes wedding colors. Bridesmaid dresses come in nearly every shade of the rainbow, and having the fabric swatches with you to compare with flowers is a great visualizing tool! Research average wedding flower prices and come up with a budget. The average couple will spend roughly 10-15% of their wedding budget on flowers, so calculating that out can be a great tool in making informed decisions.

2. Research Your local florists

When looking for a florist, focus your search on local businesses that have years of expertise, and can provide a variety of high-quality styles. Floral arranging is an art-form, and like any art, it takes years to become knowledgeable and skilled in designing. It goes without saying that the wedding styles and trends we have created have changed throughout the years so finding a florist that stays up-to-date on wedding flowers is important in creating your vision!

The best advice we can give to you is to focus on finding a high-quality florist whose designs and aesthetics match your wedding vision. There are many different styles of wedding flowers and every florist has their own unique interpretation on designing. Many local florists will also have similar market prices, so focusing on experience, quality, and a florist who creates bouquets matching your style will lead you to the perfect match and the wedding flowers of your dreams!

3. Trust Your florist

Bringing fabric swatches, photos, and ideas gives direction to a wedding flower consultation, and after the florist understands your vision, they can use their expertise to guide and advise your choices. Perhaps some of the flowers you are interested in, will not be in season or are not available in your area. Or perhaps your florist knows of a new variety that is not well-known and would be the absolute perfect fit for your wedding. We always advise our brides to fall in love with the overall look and feel of the bouquets, not the specific flowers. Being open to suggestions not only helps the florist, but ultimately will lead to stunning floral designs for your wedding!

Planning your wedding flowers will be so much fun, and with the help of an experienced and talented florist, the bouquets you choose will compliment your wedding theme and be a creative and beautiful part of your celebration!

Kate Nolan

Crow River Floral & Gifts

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