Wedding Videography - You are Investing, not Spending.

You are enjoying the wedding planning process, right? Until you start tallying up the expenses and find you are nearing your perceived budget, or maybe you’ve already gone over! Now, it’s time to cut some of the extra stuff out to bring down the total dollar value. Many people start with videography… “Oh it's not necessary, my family has never had it in the past.” “I’m only getting a 5 minute highlight reel from them anyways…” Let me help you see the value in the wedding videographer!

One of the most important reasons to capture your day through videography is to relive those special moments. In the coming days and weeks after your wedding day, many photos will get shared from family and friends - but those key moments like the “First Look” or “First Dance” will get wiped under the rug and forgotten about. By hiring a videographer to follow you around throughout the day, you are ensuring these special moments are frozen in time for you to view for years to come!

Another one we hear from many brides: I want to be able to share with those who couldn’t be there. This is my favorite reason to film a wedding! Let’s share the entire day with those family and friends that couldn’t make it. From walking down the aisle, the first kiss, and the toasting of champagne glasses; lets make sure everyone can relive that day and smile as they watch the bride and groom love one another. We all want our invite list to come to our wedding day, but life happens and people aren’t able to make it; this is one of the biggest reasons why capturing your wedding through motion picture is important!

Investing in memories, reliving those moments that mean so much. In recent years, wedding videography has been re-shaped into more of an art-form than just pressing record. Finding a company you trust can be difficult, but it's so important to have your day captured in real time through motion picture. You have spent countless hours preparing for your big day, you’ve reserved the best venue and the decorations are going to be out of this world! Now, let's capture the beauty of you and your surroundings for the world to see. When investing in a videography company, make sure they will have the right amount of coverage; there should be at least two videographers to capture different angles during key moments of your wedding. You will also need to take into consideration how long you’d like them there; most companies offer a smaller package (4 and 6 hours) and a larger one (8-10 hours). If your main goal is to get the first look and ceremony, the smaller package may be for you. While, others are looking to have their entire day filmed, from the hair/makeup appointment to the energetic dancing at the end of the night.

Capturing your wedding day through videography is an investment! You are spending money on solidifying memories for an entire lifetime, whether it's the first kiss or your first dance. It’s something you’ll be able to relive with those that were there and with those who weren’t able to make it. That's what it’s all about - seeing the reaction on your face as you walked down the aisle, or watching as your best man cracks a joke that lights up the entire room! Finding the right videography company can be menacing, and often times pushes people to give up - but the number one regret of newlyweds is that they didn’t have their big day on film.

If you or someone you know if interested in a wedding videographer, share this post and spread the word! Check out our website at, and send us a message with comments or questions; we are here to capture your day!

Taylor Kollmann

Co-owner | Producer

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